10 Essential Shophouses Decorations That You Should Know

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10 Essential Shophouses Decorations That You Should Know

Always felt something was incomplete with your current interior design? The shophouses decorations will be the ideal finishing touches for your stylish abode. What’s more? Those pieces are aesthetic and functional too. For instance, the candles and aroma diffusers can be used for aromatherapy to elevate your mood and calm your mind. Those versatile pieces will be suitable for any shophouse style – Scandinavian, minimalist, modern, and more. Those shophouses decorations are the perfect way to elevate the visual space of your shophouse without the heavy commitment. Cozy up your shophouse with those decorations; add a personal touch to your shop space. Adding these personal accents makes the shophouse feel more lived-in; creating a warmer and more inviting ambiance – a place you truly feel at the shophouse. Looking for office decor? Decorate your office with candles and aroma diffusers – they look good and will make you feel good. Or those stylish photo frames might be just for you – a perfect way to keep your precious memories close while improving your overall shophouse design. Surrounding yourself with happy memories will also help to elevate your current mood. Don’t hesitate to showcase your impeccable style through the myriad of shophouses decorations. Let’s find out the 10 essential shophouses decorations that you should know.

1.Shophouses Decorations: Mirrors

Shophouses Decorations - Wall Mirror

Mirrors are a staple in our daily routine; we look at it multiple times a day. When our mirror looks good, we tend to feel good too! Choosing a suitable mirror depends on where you intend to place it. Looking for a bedroom mirror? The standing mirror is the right one for you, providing you with a head-to-toe view. Want to place it in your living room? The wall or decorative mirror will serve as a functional and stylish accent piece. Need a bathroom mirror? The wall mirror would be best for you, choose a storage mirror for extra space to store your bathroom essentials! Take your pick from a stunning shophouses decorations selection of all sizes and shapes – round mirrors to angular mirrors, you can have it all!


Shophouses Decorations - Clock

Often disregarded, we tend to pay little to no attention to our home clock. However, clocks have a more significant role in the aesthetic of our shophouses decorations than we imagined. We look at our clocks multiple times throughout the day and this makes it the perfect avenue to showcase your attention to details by selecting a clock that complements other furniture in your shophouse. A clock that completely contradicts our shophouse style will stick out like a sore thumb. So, what style of clock should you get? Choose a bold one as an accent piece or one that completes the overall style of your shop space. The clocks will be the cherry on top of the visual experience you are trying to achieve. With an assortment of clocks available – digital clock, analog clock, you are bound to find the ideal piece.

3.Shophouses Decorations: Wall Art & Decals

Shophouses Decorations - Wall Art & Decals

Looking for something to spruce up your dull walls? We’ve got just the thing for you! An iconic shophouse is bound to have equally iconic wall decor. The stylish wall art and wall decal will be perfect for adding visual interest to your plain walls, instantly elevating the design quotient of the whole place. Adding decor to your shophouse is a great way to show off your visual style and let’s admit it, it makes your beautiful shophouse warmer and more inviting. Having stylish wall art and wall decal also showcases your attention to details. Take your pick from the unique wall stickers, beautiful wall painting, and more. With the stunning selection of wall art, wall decals, and wall hooks & holders that will definitely add greater aesthetic appeal to your shop space, you are bound to find the ideal fit for your shophouses decorations style.

The Right Wall Decor

Wall Art: If you are looking for ways to decorate your walls, wall art is the perfect solution no matter how small or large your space is, giving your space a polished and finished look in minutes. With the stunning assortment of modern and classic styles of art prints, poster prints, and canvas prints,

Wall Decal: Mostly made of vinyl, wall decals are fun, decorative cutouts that can be placed anywhere in your shophouse. No matter what kind of interior design style, decorating with decals is an inexpensive way to give your dull wall or space an instant face-lift. The best part, these wall stickers are highly intuitive that can be installed effortlessly, be gentle with it and you might be able to reuse them. Transform the look of your shophouse within less than an hour with the wall decals!

4.Plants & Flowers

Shophouses Decorations - Plants and Flowers

Having greenery at the shophouse is naturally a great thing, however, we understand that maintaining plants and flowers comes with significant responsibilities. This is especially difficult for us – busy urban dwellers. But fret not, we have the perfect solution that can effortlessly achieve the same effect but with a modern living twist. The collection of faux plants and faux flowers will help you achieve the green and natural abode you desire, but with little to no upkeeping needed! Afraid that it might look too unnatural? These artificial flowers and artificial looks as good as the real thing; so similar that you might not be able to tell the difference.

From extensive flowering plants to petite aloe plants, the botanical collection has a huge variety that can suit your needs for shophouse indoor plant decor. What’s more? The artificial flowers and artificial plants are available in an assortment of sizes, you are bound to find the perfect one for any corner of your shophouse. Miniature baby breaths plant perfect for your side table or larger monstera plants suited to be placed at the side of your armchair, you can have it all. Take your pick from those easy to maintain and long-lasting artificial plants and artificial flowers to create your warm and relaxing shophouses decorations. Bring in the beauty of floral and fauna in your shophouse! The Indoor faux plants are perfect for shophouse owners that want to add a greenery lush to their shophouses without experiencing the hassle of gardening and taking care of living plants!

5.Shophouses Decorations: Decorative Accents

Shophouses Decorations - Decorative Accents

These subtle decorative accents are perfect for sprucing up empty tables and wall spaces. Their unique designs and finishes are bound to catch the attention of any guest. It adds a touch of whimsical fun to any shophouse. Having these decorative accents also showcases your keen eyes for detail and impeccable style. Take your pick from iconic wood sculptures, wall pocket hangars, stylish jars, and more! Don’t hesitate to pair these decorative accents with other shophouses decorations such as vases and wall art.

6.Seasonal Decorations

Shophouses Decorations - Seasonal Decorations

Make the most out of your favourite holidays by sprucing up your shophouse! From Christmas Ornaments and Halloween furnishings to Chinese New Year shophouses decorations, we’ve got you covered! Get in the holiday spirit and impress your guests as well! Channel the season of giving with decorative ornaments, they help to create little points of attraction whilst making remaining classy. Small size, big impact, they can be easily taken down and stored for when the next Christmas comes around. Scream “Huat ah!” with the Chinese New Year shophouse furnishings! They are sure to make your guests smile when they visit. Accentuate the true Chinese New Year spirit with decors in red, gold, yellow, and orange. Halloween may not be that big in Singapore, but that shouldn’t stop you from bathing in the spirit of All Saint’s Eve! Halloween decorations are great not just for Halloween itself, but themed parties too. Bring out the spooky cocktails and you’re all set to go.

7.Shophouses Decorations: Speakers

Shophouses Decorations - Marshall Bookshelf Speakers

Music is something that instantly lifts up your mood, and that is the very reason why you should invest in a quality speaker. No one likes wires that keep on tangling every now and then, and hence, taking advantage of the Bluetooth technology. Having a good Bluetooth speaker does have its advantages. The first one is definitely portability. You can take them anywhere you want, right from your office to your balcony up to your next adventure destination. Also, the installation process is not at all cumbersome, to say the least, owing to the fact that there are little wires or adapters to plug into. The absence of wires also nullifies the wire tangling issues.

The best portable speakers work with cell phones and that is another advantage that these hold. The best speakers also have the best sound quality and top brands never miss out on good quality sound. Branded ones like a Marshall speaker or a Klipsch speaker tick all the right boxes.  Also, if you want to add some finesse to certain parts of your shophouses decorations, a Bluetooth speaker can be a great addition. It can add charm to your shelf, especially a bookshelf or your bedside table. Bookshelf speakers often add great elegance to your already perfect bookshelf. You can listen to peaceful music while immersing yourself in your favourite book. Traditional speakers are definitely outdated in today’s time and its high time to replace it with a wireless one if you have the former.


Coffee Table

A good table collection guarantees durability, style, and quality. From the stunning assortment, choose the table that can best serve your needs and shop space. Choose from the wide range of dining tables, coffee tables, side tables, console tables, outdoor tables, study tables, dressing tables, bedside tables, and kids’ tables. Have a big family? Take a look at the 8 seater dining table to ensure nobody gets left out. Facing space constraints? The extendable dining table is just what you need! Placing the table at your balcony? You definitely need the outdoor tables that are built to withstand the weather. With the wide selection of iconic shophouses decorations designs, you are bound to find the perfect piece to suit your unique style. Don’t hesitate to pair your table with a matching chair for a complete visual experience.

Tables For Every Occasion

A table may seem like a simple piece of furniture that can be found in every shophouse, but it is much more than that. For smaller modern shophouses, a dining table can double up as a study desk for remote working. A side table can be a convenient addition to your living room to place your essentials like the TV remote, but it can also be used as a display stand for your favourite photo displays. Traditional dressing tables can take up space in your bedroom so opt for a compact console table instead to place your daily vanity items. Simply add a mirror and you’re good to go!

9.Shophouses Decorations: Chairs


There’s a different purpose for every type of chair, but something in common for a good chair is the premium quality and comfort it offers. We spend many hours of a day sitting down, hence, it is essential that we achieve maximum comfort while doing so. The ergonomic office chairs offer full back support that will make sitting down hours on end an easy task. Additionally, with the stunning assortment of shophouses decorations designs, you are bound to find the perfect furniture for your shop space. For instance, an accent chair would be an easy way to instantly increase the visual interest of your shophouse. Don’t hesitate to pair your chair with a matching table for the complete visual experience!

10.Shophouses Decorations: Lightings

Light Stand

There are many options to choose from. It all depends on whether you’re going for cozy ambient lights or floor lamps, or a minimalistic wall light or something more stylish like pendant lamps. Lighting is often not considered a major part of shophouse renovations or furnishings. However, we beg to differ. Perfect lighting can light up any shophouses decorations and make your shophouses exponentially more beautiful!

Types of Lighting:

Pendant Lamps

For shophouses where chandeliers take up too much ceiling space, try the pendant lighting instead! Hanging lights are a great way to make a bright statement and the extensive collection can help you find one to fit within your budget, space, and personality. Psst… They also make great dining lights!

Floor Lamps

Floor lamps are practical and useful lighting fixtures that can heighten the grace of any area. Using the modern floor lamps is a great way to spice up your shophouse lighting and add a warmer and greater sense of light in a space. Standing lamps, such as a tripod floor lamp, can make every nook and corner cozier. In addition, as they are bold enough to make their presence felt in your passageway or hallway, they serve as attractive entry-point décor.

Table & Bedside Lamps

Table lamps are pretty much the best accessories your table can have. They also brighten up the space with a soft glow. Both practical and decorative, work lamps and desk lamps are your best companions for working and studying late into the night. Table lamps can diversify your office lighting; table lamps can transform and fine-tune the ambiance and character of your shophouse.

Ambient Lights

Add a pleasant glow to your shophouse with some mood lighting that can easily enhance the ambiance of any space. Change up your shophouse lighting; hang it or display it on a table, these thoughtfully crafted lamps are a must-have for any shophouse! Extra tip: Use them creatively during a celebration to make your shop space look more festive.

Wall Lights

Thinking of lighting up your shophouse without using up more floor space? Make the best choice and go for a wall light or a wall lamp! They are not only functional but also an excellent décor piece. Choose from classy dreamy designs for an enchanting atmosphere or funky new-age designs to add some edgy hallway lighting. So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to impart a more positive and energetic feel to your environment and mood. These decorative lightings create a warm and inviting atmosphere for your get-together, cozy dinners, and romantic evenings.

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